Zombie Tycoon 2

Project Name: Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge

Platform: PS3 – PSVita – PC

Release date: 2013

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 3

I was a jack of all trades on Zombie Tycoon 2 and I did the following:

  • Shaders: creating and managing all the material and shaders of the game
  • VFX: all the VFX
  • Modeling & texturing of some of the characters, vehicles and environment assets
  • Lighting: all the lighting


More specific details are described bellow:


Capturable building shader

The game mechanics involved the capture of buildings with your army of zombies. To do so I developed a shader to clearly show the building clan ownership and the capture process.



The initial building is own by humans and has its default color bellow.

When attacked for the first time the building ownership (humans) fade out to neutral shown in grey.

Once neutral the faction color ownership will raise up. The capture is completed once it is fully remapped to the faction color. Here is the transition and result for the green zombie faction.

And the captured result for the blue zombie faction.


To achieve this capture effect we prepared our buildings with an extra set of UVs with orthogonal projection.

The V coordinate is then use as a mask to progressively desaturate the diffuse to the neutral color and then back up to the faction color.

Additionnaly a marker line texture was also panned up and down to further highlight the ongoing transitions. This was fed into the emissive of the shader to create the glowing line effect.


The material had all the controls exposed for the programmers to drive the transition effect during gameplay.

The shader also had vertex animation to create the building shake effect when it was attacked.

To avoid the base of the building from shaking we used vertex color to mask the vertex movement.

The unreal 3 capturable building material graph:


Fog of War shader

Another shader I developed for the game was the Fog Of War shader. A dynamic fog effect that gets cleared out as the player explore a map.


Characters were writing in a dynamic texture that was then used on the terrain and environment materials. Visited area were set back at 50% fog opacity.

Combined with an height fog, which was also affected by the dynamic mask, it gave a pretty interesting silhouette effect.

Using Unreal material functions it was easy to manage and embed in all materials that required the effect.



Some of the VFX work I did on the game:






Character Modeling:





In-Game Lighting

Promo Image Lighting