Project Name: Chariot

Platform: PS3, PS4, XBONE, WiiU, PC Steam

Release date: 2014

Game Engine: Icewave Engine

Procedural modeling tool to generate the level visual.




Procedural Tools:

Level layout tool

I developed a procedural tool to generate the levels layout from collision blocks placed in editor by the level designers. Here is the breakdown of the process:


Imported collisions shapes in Houdini:

Clean outline shape generated from collisions:

Based UV were generated on the 3D shape to apply a tiling texture:



From the base layout shape an additional polygon strip was extruded to create the border details:

The border strip was automatically subdivided into 256, 128, 64, 32 or 16 pixel chunks:

The template here was used by the texture artist (Philippe D’amours), to place the tilling pieces of textures.

The top part (bright colors) was used for border facing Upward and the bottom segment (dark colors) for the border facing downwards.


Using the same principle an additional polygon strip could be painted (see video bellow) to add grass, snow or ice depending on the level type.


To further add detail to the borders, fake ambient light was applied to the borders:

This was achieve by using a radial ambient light texture and by a 2nd set of UVs generated from the outline normals. In the shader, the ambient light texture was multiplied to the base diffuse texture.


At the end all the geometries were divided into quad tree for streaming in game:


Further level editing could also be done in Houdini:



Rail of death

I developed the shader, textures and particle effect to create the Rail of Death effect. The geometry was proceduraly generated as well.

Rail of life





Light falloff equation

Standard 3D light falloff did not give great result for a 2D game. So we worked on an other light falloff equation.

I used Houdini to develop and visualize the falloff.

Start falloff = 0.5

End falloff = 1


Start falloff = 0.5

End falloff = 2


Start falloff = 0

End falloff = 2


Falloff controls in editor:

Results in Editor:


Levels Lighting:

I also worked on the levels lighting.

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